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I am to meet him at six.


We'll begin shortly.

I expected better of him.

Neal wanted Spencer to study French.

I met her on the street by accident.

Michael looked under the bed to see what was there.

I want to personally thank you.

Make a wish.

I spoke with Jarmo earlier today.

Do you guys need anything else?

Laurie is listening to music.

You must be sleepy.

Their marriage simmered with discontentment and unspoken anger.

He likes taking a walk by himself.


Gigi was in New York at the time.

Can you do it all on your own?

The mountain is covered with snow.

Kylo kept an eye on the children.

The gambler lost a good deal of money.


Everything depends on this.

Darryl wouldn't tell me about what happened to Vivek.

Kevin lives in a bad part of town.


I'll be going back to the family house.


If you go there once, you'll know.

I don't want him to know this.

Act according to the rules.

She speaks Portuguese.

It's possible that she won't come.

You're impulsive.

The old man stopped for a moment to rest.

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I let Evan sleep in.

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She died childless.

During the morning I feel very lazy, I don't want to do anything.

Isidore has nothing to lose.

The bill, please.

Stephe asked us what we thought Frances wanted to do.

I'll make sure Glynn does that.

I spend time on Facebook almost every day.

World War II came to an end in the 20th year of the Showa era.

Dory told Hirofumi to stay at home.

It is the oldest wooden building in existence.

Please take one.

Donne doesn't know whether Roxie is dead or alive.

Thank you, this will do.

This bread is gluten-free.

You really don't like me much, do you?


We expect to arrive at Heathrow Airport at eight.

They stayed in the hotel where I am a receptionist.

We're spending Christmas Eve at our grown daughter's house.

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The fact is that he is my close friend.

Apparently, you can hear a girl's sobs coming from the closed-off washroom in that school building at midnight.

Don't you think?


After school, I study, then play videogames.

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Wes would've been able to do it.


I'm a merchant.


I find her very easy to talk to.

Leads will listen to you.

She always takes good care of her old father.


Plastic bottles are compressible and recyclable.


I'll talk with her.

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She shouted herself hoarse.


Have you told Scott why you don't like him?


I can't play tennis.

Yes, I should try to figure out what she is thinking and feeling.

The police have picked Shankar up for questioning.


I'm sure I've seen him before somewhere.

China has had the fastest economic growth rate in the world in the last decade.

We ate some fried meat.

Franklin should have married Daniele.

They treat me like a child.


The structure of the brain is complicated.


Stacey crushed her enemies.


A tiger is bigger and stronger than a cat.

However hungry you are, you must eat slowly.

I will never forget seeing you.


Was Stu angry?

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You forgot your umbrellas.

Nanda and Jones danced with each other.

This factory is almost fully automated.

There must be a way to arrive at a diplomatic solution.

You forgot his name.

Are you going to eat the rest of your stew?

Alison waved to Stuart.


Will Donald Trump be the next president of the United States?


We must make up for lost time.

Brian is mad because Chris obviously does not intend to return the money.

The blue bicycle is new.


She looked dazed with the drug.

What's your favorite color for carpets?

I must go and find Mikael.

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We can operate a crane.


Lloyd said you speak French.


I have no choice in this.

There's a lot of nature there: a mountain range, a small river, and a great forest.

He decided on a red car.

I've forgotten your last name.

I don't take them seriously.

Don't take it quite so literally.

He inserted the key in the lock.

Are you sure you didn't do anything?

Why are we meeting here?

It was a huge explosion.

She's my sister.

Guess what I just found out.

It's important that I be informed immediately.

If the lights go out, light a candle.

It's insanely hot today.

The river has risen.

We're going to have a good day.

It's back there somewhere, through the bog.

Please defend me from such bad men.

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It is very important that you wash your hands thoroughly after changing a baby's diaper.

Loukas was completely confused.

I feel quite bad.

Why don't you grab yourself something to drink out of the fridge?

The scores are low because the task is cognitively demanding.


I'll be right in.

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What does this pen cost?

The electric things have their life too. Paltry as those lives are.

We need leadership.

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The baby wants its mother.

It must have been something really big for him to strike a triumphant pose like that.

The fence was not high enough to keep the wolves out.

Come on. I want to show you something.

I'd rather discuss this later.

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Do you want to go out on a date with Joubert?

He was a short, elderly man with thick glasses.

I got over my cold quickly.

Heather has just spotted Nate.

They became lovers.

I start working tomorrow.

Nathaniel is single.


When he writes English, he often consults the dictionary.

You have to have a piece of pie.

Is something wrong with that?


Don't turn the hands of a clock the other way around.

Let this occur to no one.

Because of TV, boys and girls don't want to read books.

Spock will talk.

Could you pass the beans?

It was nice of you to offer.

He said, "I want to be a doctor."

I'll put on some music.

I accused him unfairly.

Lending money to such a fellow is as good as throwing it away.

Job security is a priority over wages.

How much is that over there?

No one knows whether his love for his sister was sexual or brotherly.

Am I being fired?

Don't you know what to do?


I'm bothered by the noise from the neighbours.

Why is Elric acting so childish?

You should wear your own clothes.

My town is surrounded by tall mountains.

I'm really going to miss you.


The doctor reassured me about my father's condition.


I wasn't able to buy tickets, so we can't go to the concert.


Throw food at those who throw stones.