Surrounded by his children, he began his story.

Ursule asked for a pay raise of 5 dollars and 65 cents an hour yesterday.


Are you still seeing the same girl?

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I saw that film on Saturday.

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Skef and Julius seldom give each other presents.

She is running.

You'll come back early, won't you?

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Where is my invite?

I run.

He's a samurai.


I laughed at his joke.


He sat there with his eyes closed.


You did that.

You can't read Japanese, can you?

A bulldozer was brought in to make the road flat.

By all means. Go ahead.

She told him to rewrite his resume.

At what time did you go to sleep yesterday?

Chip is a man we can trust.

You may want to slow down.

I couldn't hear what they were saying.

We didn't talk long.

Tatoeba: Better to make no sense than no sentence!


Everybody knew that.

The question of what constitutes a work of art is a controversial subject.

I prefer English to music.

I told Christina it was time to quit.

That's part of my job.

I have news! Melissa is pregnant.

Cindy did the job to the best of his ability.


Her large, deep, blue eyes had a dreamy look, but a childlike smile still played round her mouth.


We haven't seen you in the past four years.

Rina is in the home economics club. Her main activity is dressmaking.

I'm right in the middle of packing my things.

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it.

I think we could beat them.


What's your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Maybe I can reason with her.

The coffee stain was difficult to remove.


We got a little bored with each other.

You really don't want to ask Anatole that.

This road is so broad that buses can pass easily.

But that's not the whole picture. Tatoeba is not just an open, collaborative, multilingual dictionary of sentences. It's part of an ecosystem that we want to build.

Sally recalled the days when her grandma was strong and healthy.

That guitar is too expensive for me to buy.

Did you really do this all by yourself?

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The other one doesn't work.

I didn't know you didn't know how to swim.

Wendi hasn't been able to go to school for three weeks.

It was a real pleasure to meet Darci.

Do you agree with Mr. Burns or do you agree with Mr. Roland?

What was your first cellphone?

He is a great statesman, and what is more a great scholar.

She told us that we must call a doctor immediately.

What did happen to all that money?


We run together.

Dan did some research on Linda.

Where do you think Patrice bought his motorcycle?

He cannot put up with hard training.

This is the best chocolate mousse that my guests and myself have ever eaten.

Now, come over here.

Annie and Carl are very devoted to each other.

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He suddenly hung up the phone while I was speaking.

This sentence seems to be grammatically correct.

I think you've been in the jungle too long.

I gained back the weight I'd lost over the summer.

What a wonderful machine!

You've wasted enough of my time already.

Just leave me alone, OK?

I'll try again.

You may as well wash your shirt.

Annie did what he had been told to do.

Are you home?

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Toerless can barely afford to pay rent let alone buy a PC.

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Pieter prepaid.

Something is wrong with the washing machine.

I don't really feel like reading.

Are they all strong?

She boasts of her car.

Saburo snatched up all the snacks that were sitting on the table.

Beowulf became king of the Geats.

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Her questions indicate that she understands the subject very well.

Kathleen and Julie had a medieval wedding.

Joni doesn't know if he will come or not.

I like to translate quotations.

The Bon Festival is near at hand.

No matter what I did, Ken wouldn't listen to me.

What he says makes no sense at all.


It was a cry of despair.

Keep a tally of what you owe.

Kinch doesn't have any brothers.

He has no confidence in his words.

Can you exchange a 10000 yen note into 50 pence coins?

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They had good chemistry.

That sound is annoying.

Won't anyone sit with me?

Gulp! The food is delicious, but I'm afraid of how expensive it's going to be.

I hope Brandy doesn't do it again.

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The hall needs a new curtain.

A sniper shot the lights out.

It feels good to be back in Boston.

I run.

What's your favorite song?


None of the students like tests at school.

I consider that a good sign.

I don't have a lot of patients.

Did Bush have ties to al-Qaida?

Andreas got some more bad news.


You only have to touch the button.

That's happened to me plenty of times.

I missed you kids.

Nathan just never should've done that.

He is a man whom I think you cannot trust.


Let's try it one more time.

His brother is always watching TV.

The boy who spoke to me was a new student.

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It is certain that he is wrong.

I was kind of hard on you.

Pat needs to recover.

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He never fails to write to her every week.

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Gregg doesn't speak much.

Dorothy told me he wasn't busy.

Say ... I can hear screams coming from the women's bath.

I don't believe that's true.

Why do you want to see him?

New roads were constructed one after another.

Photography is now considered a new form of art.

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I must stay where I am.

I'm afraid we're quite full at the moment.

Tony carved his name on a tree with a knife.

A clove cigarette miasma made navigating the pub like swimming underwater.

I recommend the public transport be enhanced.

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Nguyen loves studying music.

You're weird. I haven't helped you at all yet and you're calling me a "genius".

I don't understand; you have to be more direct.

Sure, my mum is a prostitute, but at least we have a place to stay.

In Japan, all children go to school.


Mr. Brown took charge of this class last year.

Any child can enjoy the story.

Smoking is banned in restaurants in California.

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We can't afford to stay here any longer.


The animal is eating.

Real was Tracey's only friend when she was in kindergarten.

Jeff was not satisfied with the service at the hotel where he was staying.

Darci certainly helped make this a better place to live.

There's only room for one of us.

Bob is forceful.

I don't want them to go away.

Did Panacea find them?

He's an arrogant son of a bitch.


I have as much time as you do.

You are doing splendidly.

Hotta told us you couldn't be trusted.


The food is not good.

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He's encouraging me to go there.

He is likely to pass the examination.

We tried to save them.

He has read "The Manifest".

He looked into the box.

Tad has no idea what's happening.

We have a white cat.

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I had him take my picture.

Don's homesick.

Was Margie still there?