I've started playing guitar again.

This may not be coincidental.

The winter chaos is driving me crazy, but soon the holidays will come.

My vacation was terrible.

He has been warned many times.

Karl always seems to be happy and smiling.

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We listen to the radio.

What kind of book do you want?

Spencer made me his assistant.

He did not accept my apologies.

I appreciate the sentiment.

The first of human rights is to shut up!!!

I feel like going to the pool.


I'd like to see them at 2:30.

I wonder who appointed Anna.

Let's never do that again.

She sells us dresses.

I want you to go for me to my friend the Serpent King, in his beautiful country at the world's end. Twelve years ago he built a castle on some land of mine. I want you to ask for the rent for those twelve years and also to find out from him what has become of my twelve ships which sailed for his country three years ago.


Neither team played well in the game.

Poetry helps to interpret life.

Yumi has much money now.


Kazuhiro ironed his clothes.

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The waitress serving us at the diner was exhausted and stressed.

Olson was very clear about that.

You're the reason I stayed here so long.

He got the book down from the shelf.

They haven't beaten us yet.

It could take weeks.

I left it unlocked.

Can you see me after supper?

I wonder if I should tell her the truth.

He's not going to visit you tomorrow.

This time it's my turn to pay.

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Laurel needs you more than we do.

Your answer differs from mine.

Niall is a reasonable man.

I invited him to my house.

We have an obesity problem in this country.

That was a fun conversation.

Does this seem strange to you?

I drive everywhere.

These pants are too small for me.

There are many tall buildings.

They say that Byron came to Brazil.

Today, I will dine with you.

I'm not that lucky.

Welcome back to Boston.

Herbert opened his mouth, but Jackye gave him a menacing look.

As I turned the handle of the crankshaft, the old tractor sputtered to life.

He is a friend and I treat him as such.

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They will be very afraid.

This book is easy to read.

Hand back the tape tomorrow.

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He gave in.

I keep dreaming about them.

I agree with you to a degree.


You can't just have it.


Boundless snow covered all that could be seen.

They asked me to open the gate.

The earthquake brought about disaster.

Mikael's eyes were glued to the screen.

Matthieu was raised by his grandfather.

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We have given Edgar Degas a voice that we hope suits him.

I wonder if he will stand by me when I am in trouble.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights for African-Americans by teaching nonviolence.

I don't want her to see that.

We need to turn back.

What were Bryan and Ernest doing?

You should have telephoned in advance.

The restaurant was empty.

He reached for the book.

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Gerhard Schroeder is the first German chancellor not to have lived through World War II.

She stayed at home as she didn't have a car.

I would call my parents.


"Let's get married when we're older!" "Yeah!"


Smart people learn from their mistakes.

The lights aren't on.

We'll need that.

Music is one of those things that make us feel a little less alone in the world.

Hey Nicki, how do you like that class?


He cited, during his speech, Kant and Heidegger among others.

Dori said he wasn't concerned.

There were many ambulances filled with gunshot victims.

I'm going to have to get back to you.

He wrote a book about a jungle adventure.


I bear him no malice.

We'll do it somehow.

We'll take good care of Louiqa.

Aren't you the least bit interested in what Roxanne has to say?

I hope Tahsin knows how much I care about her.

It's not authentic, Charlene.

It makes no difference to me whether you go or not.

You shouldn't ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Make another appointment at the front desk.

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He's ambitious and talented.

Konrad used to work nights.

Albert is ready to help.


First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth... penultimate, last.

Is Slartibartfast on any medication?

Morgan gave Fred a huge hug.

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I don't want Lewis to think anything's wrong.

I think that will go smoothly.

Who did you call?

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It was a huge disappointment.

That's an interesting study.

My father makes good use of his time.


She shouldn't have done that.

He used to ask me so many questions about Germany.

He mended my umbrella.

He wanted to become a farmer.

I heard him coming downstairs.

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Leave me some ice cream.

She did a lot of voluntary work for the Red Cross.

I have a feeling that Evelyn doesn't like Isabelle.

I'm no quitter.

It's only three days until Christmas.


I'm scared Gale isn't going to like me.

I am from England.

You're free to leave.

Can someone guide me on how to use this site?

Apparently, Suresh hasn't yet told Terry what happened.

I was much moved by his speech.

I haven't seen Liisa since forever.

Brooke wanted to die.

We've missed a great opportunity.

All things hidden will be seen.

When did Susana get back?

Is that a technical term?

As I told you, Barton is dying.

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Children aren't allowed in this bar.

Rolfe said he needed to get in touch with Claude.

In the moment I thought I had a bad feeling, suddenly everything went black.

Jesse didn't even say thanks.

He has always understood our problems right away.

Where is the nearest shop?

They understood what we meant in the end.

There lived a pretty girl in the village.

I just want it to stop.

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I wasn't supposed to survive.

I like hot springs that are off the beaten track.

The baby is one day old.


I hugged her tightly.

He laid a hot-water bottle on his back.

He carried a rifle on his shoulder.

We've been very fortunate.

"Y-You OK? Not hurt?", I enquire timidly. "Ah, no, I'm fine."


His words pierced to the heart of the matter.

It does make a difference.

Do you really think Takeuchi is happy?

Norbert makes it a rule not to eat after 8:00 p.m.

Eduardo left ten minutes ago.

The government is promoting the use of domestically made products.

She's slier than he is.

I know how to do it.

Bertrand doesn't even know how to write his own name.

Max is surprisingly agile.

That should make you feel better.

When energy supplies are in question all that depends on them is also in question.

You're a billy-goat.


You'll never be able to find Toerless.


Courtney doesn't need to make dinner tonight.


What an uproar!

I don't want to be involved in this affair.

Didn't I give you 10,000 yen a week ago?

Michiel wasn't around to see who won.

Aren't you going to miss Adlai?


He moved closer to her.

I was impressed by Jwahar's honesty.

I hadn't planned to tell you.